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Glenn is a hugely popular employee engagement speaker at conferences and events. He talks about employee engagement,  entrepreneurship, employee communications and organisational culture. With a bright, engaging and enthusiastic style his regular talks include :

Glenn’s employee engagement strategy is based on the 10 years of work building Reward Gateway and work with over 1,300 clients around the world. He has helped clients as diverse as McDonalds, KPMG, IBM, Salesforce and Gap to improve employee engagement and this work has created a rich understanding of effective employee engagement strategies and a huge library of practical examples. 

Glenn as a speaker on business and entrepreneurship

Glenn also speaks on business and entrepreneurship. He has a unique perspective on growth, having built Reward Gateway into a $230m global business operating on three continents and having sold it twice to private equity investors. He’s also experienced in M&A and has experience spanning 6 deals in 4 countries, ranging from acqui-hires to product acquisitions and market share acquisitions.

Feedback from past organizers and delegates

Glenn is a polished and enthusiastic speaker and regularly gets a Net Promoter Score of over +90 from delegates and rave reviews from conference organisers. Feedback comments include :

“inspiring talk and loved the engagement bridge”, “Thought provoking. Great start to the session”, “Very engaging.”, “Really impactful + thoughtful presentation.”, “very interesting, informative and well presented”, “Great opening session of the day”, “Great start to the day !”, “Was excellent and inspiring”, “Really insightful”, “Very engaging & well thought out”

See him in action

In the four minute sample below you can see Glenn in action as an employee engagement speaker, these clips were recorded in London in August 2015.

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Glenn’s Speaking Schedule

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