Engagement Excellence Live: The Age of Millennials

Glenn speaks about the importance of culture.

Friday, February 5th is Engagement Excellence Live, an event that gathers the world’s leading HR professionals to discuss various hot topics and promote employee engagement best practices.

This event is titled “The Age of Millennials.” It features talks by David Proudlock (Co-Founder & Creative Director at Inkling), Rachel Williams (Regional People Manager at Welcome Break), Debra Corey (Group Reward Director at Reward Gateway), and Catrin Lewis (Internal Communications Manager at Reward Gateway). All talks will center on different aspects of the Millennial generation: how to attract, retain, and engage them.

Glenn will run a session, “Reward Gateway: The Home of Millennials. How we engage our young workforce,” giving advice on how to best engage the millennials you may employ.

A full video recording of the session is available from the Engagement Excellence Live website.

Communicating with millenials - 2 way conversation
Communicating with millenials – 2 way conversation