Good news : You now have permission to change your own wiring!

Good news : You now have permission to change your own wiring!

I’m on quite a fitness kick at the moment (hey, i’m over 40 and I travel a lot so you’ve got to start looking after yourself sometime) and I’ve really been trying  to eat healthily. Massively more difficult than it sounds because there is such a vast amount of seemingly conflicting advice and a world of temptation. It seems you have to walk past more than 99% of the food choices you see every day to find the few remaining things that are actually good to eat.

This morning I’m irritated about food labelling – why do I seem to spend so much time squinting at tiny print on packages? It makes me curious about why we don’t have better labelling, so I start to Google “the arguments against clearer food labelling” to see what the other side of the story is before I start ranting off. And thats where I learn about wiring.

“No point in trying to change anything – it’s all fate”

You see some people say, quite a few it seems, that there’s not much point in clearer food labelling because most people won’t read it anyway. They say we’re all hard-wired to prefer fat, salt and sugars and we can’t really control ourselves so there’s no point. And thats what inspired me to get up and start writing.

You see I’m not a big believer in fate because I think it’s a bit of a lazy cop-out. I don’t like being disempowered and I don’t like it when someone says I can’t change and I’m not in control of my own actions and choices. Up until 2 weeks ago I had 4 sweeteners in every coffee, and about 8 coffees a day. My justification was “I don’t smoke, I eat well and I’m zero-rating sweetner for health so I’m fine”. And maybe that’s OK, maybe there’s no harm.

Leaving things to fate seems like a lazy “cop out”.

But then I read recently about how sweetener *may* trick the brain accidentally into insulin production just like sugar does and it *may* therefore have a negative effect, despite the fact that it has no calories. So I let this niggle at me for a couple of weeks and, hey, 2 weeks ago I just switched to black coffee, nothing in it. And its fine – tastes completely different, like a different drink but you know what, it’s actually quite nice in itself. Different, but quite nice.

My mum has always said to me – “you get one life son, it’s not a rehearsal”, and I think about that nearly every day. If you want to do something new, or change something old then just choose to do it. However big or small it is, don’t let anyone disempower you by telling you that you can’t do it. You are in control, you do make those choices. With hindsight some will be good and some may be bad, but the great thing is, every day, they actually are yours.


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Glenn is an employee engagement and tech entrepreneur. He founded Reward Gateway, the HR technology company in 2006 and continues to lead it as CEO today.

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