Media Support & Conference Speaking

Support for press and media contacts

Glenn’s team always gives priority to interview, quote requests and other media enquiries – we know that journalists are always on a deadline. If you are in the US please contact Samantha Marrazzo, if you are in the UK or Australia please contact Kirsty Leighton at Hudson Sandler PR.

Help for journalists and writers

Hi Res Photos

We’re fortunate to have lots of great pictures of Glenn. You are free to use any of them in any article.

These albums are in Flickr . To download a hi-res copy, click the image so it opens full screen with a black border around it then click the down arrow button in the bottom right corner. You’ll see a list of resolutions to choose from. Any problems please contact Samantha Marrazzo for quick and speedy help.

Asking Glenn to speak at your conference or event

Glenn is a regular conference speaker on issues of employee engagement, entrepreneurship, business and growth private equity. He loves talking to companies and conferences so if you’re looking for an engaging, dynamic and fun speaker for your event then check out this speaking and conference information. Also see his Speaking Schedule.