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Glenn Elliott, Founder & CEO at Reward Gateway the Employee Engagement Technology company

Hi, I’m Glenn Elliott and I am Founder and CEO at Reward Gateway, an HR technology company dedicated to helping employers make a better connection with their people. Reward Gateway builds online sites and apps that bring together employee communications, employee recognition, leadership communications and employee benefits.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see the benefits of investing in company culture and employee engagement firsthand at Reward Gateway. In the 10 years since we started, I’ve seen our culture develop as we’ve grown to 330 people across 11 offices servicing now over 1,300 clients across the USA, UK and Australia.

Through this site and my forthcoming book The Engagement Bridge, I hope to share what I’ve learned and also introduce you to best practices of others that I’m fortunate enough to meet.

This site is a blog but I’m going to ignore lots of blogging rules

I’ve been fortunate to spend over a decade working exclusively with HR people all over the world. I’ve learned many things in this time and have found HR to be a wonderful group of talented, caring and business focussed people. Amongst the many things I’ve seen first hand is how busy you are and how many things you have to juggle.

That’s why I’m going to eschew all the given rules of blogging. I’m not going to obsess about SEO and how frequently I post and I’m not going to write posts just to get hits or venture into click-bait. I promise you that everything I write here will have a sense of purpose and will be written from my own personal perspective. I can’t promise you I’ll always be right but I can promise you I’ll always be truthful and honest.

I would dearly love this site to become a conversation where we advance HR and its role in employee engagement together. I would love it if together we could show the world how more companies can improve their fortunes and their future by executing well on employee engagement.

Want to know a little more?

I’m 43, go to the gym 5 times a week (I was a late starter), and I live between Boston and London with a long suffering partner, Kristian, trying to make sense of me, my muddled thinking and a logistical mess of homes and travel.  I try to be a good leader at Reward Gateway and I am learning and developing in that role every day. To get to know me better you might like to read this post, which includes a draft CEO’s instruction manual for me and you might like to read my Insights profile which, like all Insights profiles I have seen, is astonishingly accurate.

You’ll also find me active answering questions on Quora, primarily on employee engagement, company culture and internal communications and you’ll find me responding personally to all of our own employee reviews on Glassdoor here. I’ve explained why this is so important to me in this post.

I would really value your feedback and conversation.

I love talking to CEOs, Founders and HR people about employee engagement and culture. If you’d like to talk to me, argue with me or just reach out for a chat then please get in touch. You can contact me through Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora or through the comments on this site after each article.


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I can’t go without giving RG one last little plug – they have an excellent employee engagement blog full of advice, how to articles and best practice over at www.rewardgateway.com. It’s run by Chloe Dieulis and written by fantastic HR experts at Reward Gateway. Give it a try if you have a minute.

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