“There is no reason to do sh*t you hate”

“There is no reason to do sh*t you hate”

Gary Vaynerchuck is a social media, marketing 2.0 legend. He’s a furiously hard working hustler and he has a mouth like a sewer. At Reward Gateway, we love him.

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard him say the words employee engagement, but it’s obvious that he knows more about employee engagement and customer engagement than most people will ever know. He’s a 100% customer-focussed, 100% passionate, 100% real person.

For many years my email signature has included the line:

‘You’re at work for an awful lot of your life, if you don’t love it, leave it”

Gary’s version is

“There is no reason in 2008 to do sh*it you hate”

He got on “Look in the mirror and tell yourself what you love and do that for the rest of your life“.

Whilst he may rarely if ever talk about employee engagement, Gary knows so much about Mission, Purpose and Values – essential parts we now know of the Employee Engagement Bridge.

If you’re new to Gary, sit back, send the kids out of the room and spend 15 minutes getting charged up.


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Glenn is an employee engagement and tech entrepreneur. He founded Reward Gateway, the HR technology company in 2006 and continues to lead it as CEO today.

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