Without opening my eyes I just spent $9.49. We live in a wonderful time indeed.

Without opening my eyes I just spent $9.49. We live in a wonderful time indeed.

So it’s Saturday morning and I’m lying in bed with a mild hangover caused by being out with fellow HR technology CEO Michael Whitfield last night – he’s older than me and the older boys always made me drink too much at school as well.

I’ve already asked Alexa to read me my news briefing so I’m up to speed thanks to NPR, the US public radio broadcaster. I’ve also checked the weather in Boston and found it’s surprisingly mild for this time of the year.

Listening to music sounds like a better idea than getting up. I listened to a lot of Hot Chip yesterday (no change there) and Chromeo and Junior Boys have been on repeat all week (I’m a creature of habit). And then a neuron fires somewhere in my slightly muggy head and for some reason I have an urge to listen to the last Belle & Sebastian album. It’s got a long title and I don’t know if this is going to work but I decide to try it.

Without lifting my head off the pillow or opening my eyes I say :

“Alexa, play Girls in Peacetime Just Want to Dance by Belle & Sebastian

Playing teaser of Girls in Peacetime for you” (She’s telling me subtlety that I don’t own the album and it’s not free on Amazon Prime)

A couple of seconds in I say “Alexa buy this Album

Girls in Peacetime Just Want to Dance is $9.49 on Amazon Prime, shall I buy it for you?“, she replies.

Yes buy it please“, I reply.

Done. Playing it now”

We live in a wonderful time don’t we. Now if I could just get her to write my blog for me….


Alexa is the name of the voice in Amazon’s Echo product – available in the US from Amazon but if you’re in the UK you can buy one on eBay and most of the functions still work . You’ll need a US Amazon account to do shopping though.

Belle & Sebastian are a  Scottish pop-synth band that you should really listen to. Their modest commercial success is a mystery. Very lovely.



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Glenn is an employee engagement and tech entrepreneur. He founded Reward Gateway, the HR technology company in 2006 and continues to lead it as CEO today.

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One thought on “Without opening my eyes I just spent $9.49. We live in a wonderful time indeed.

  1. Catrin Lewis

    I don’t think the ‘Hangover customer’ base is likely considered in many, if any, technology developments, but my goodness, aren’t they making them so much less of a struggle to get through.

    Thank you technology gods, Saturday/Sunday morning Cat loves you.

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