Understanding yourself and others better with Insights

Understanding yourself and others better with Insights

We’ve been using Insights profiles for several years now – I was introduced to them by Tracy Mellor and initially I was a huge cynic. I’d used Myers-Briggs before when I was younger and to be honest I hadn’t really seen any value and couldn’t even remember my type.

Glenn Elliott's Insights Profile - Cover Page
Download Glenn’s full Insights profile here

But once I’d given Insights a try I quickly became a devotee. Now, I don’t like doing an interview without them – they are such a great way to break down barriers and connect with a colleague or candidate so you can talk about their likes and preferences in a really relaxed, non-confrontational but productive way.

It’s amazing how often Insights comes up in conversations with other CEO’s and the people that I meet and I’d promised for ages to publish mine online.

So here it is – my full Insights profile. – let me know what you think. People who know me may well laugh at how well it unearths some of my foibles!


Update : 8th May 2016.

I’ve just published my own “CEO’s User Manual” – anyone interested might like to look at that and see what else it says and see how it stacks up against what Insights found.



Reward Gateway is a regular Insights customer, we use profiles in all departments and during recruitment and also for team development. Insights UK is also a Reward Gateway customer – we make customers of each other entirely co-incidentally.


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Glenn is an employee engagement and tech entrepreneur. He founded Reward Gateway, the HR technology company in 2006 and continues to lead it as CEO today.

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