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Have you read any good books lately?


I’m reading Daniel Pink’s book “When” at the moment – all about the science (not art) of timing. It will change how you look at your calendar (and how you book a hospital appointment) forever!

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We have 800 staff and no employee recognition. I’m going to implement long service awards as a start – any tips?

Yes. Don’t!! Long service recognition or tenure awards are a complete waste of money. I advise everyone who has them to stop them and if you don’t have them then for heavens sake don’t start. People won’t stay in a role unthanked and unrecognised for 5 or 10 years just waiting for a carriage clock […]

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I’ve got 40 employees and I’m not sure how they feel about work, should I run a survey?

40 people is a lovely size to be – I can remember that time in my last business very fondly. To be honest I think at that size there are better things than surveys. Communication should be quite fluid at that size and you can just about get everyone in a room and have a […]

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In the next 5 years which aspect of the Engagement Bridge do you expect to change the most?

I think most of the ten elements of The Engagement Bridge are actually pretty stable – we’ve known what we need to do for years, many companies just aren’t doing it. I think maybe the piece that is has changed most and is continuing to change is Leadership and following from that, it’s connected element […]

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