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How can employee engagement impact absenteeism?

Reasons for absenteeism are rarely black and white – you feel unwell so you phone in sick rather than you are unwell so you must be off sick. Even a doctor’s note is pretty easy to obtain as a doctor can only go on what you are saying and reporting. It’s quite rare for a […]

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Seen any good new TED talks lately?

I’ve just discovered Chimamanda Adichie and I’m a bit obsessed by her this weekend. I’m on my third listen to both of her TED Talks – they are funny, thought provoking and truly inspirational. and

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Why did you stand down as CEO of your company?

As CEO you’re ultimately responsible for your organisation’s growth and you do that by leading your team, by leading the whole company. Leading 400 people in a fast growing organization is a big job and it takes up all of your time and energy. You go to bed thinking about your team and the company […]

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Have you read any good books lately?


I’m reading Daniel Pink’s book “When” at the moment – all about the science (not art) of timing. It will change how you look at your calendar (and how you book a hospital appointment) forever!

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We have 800 staff and no employee recognition. I’m going to implement long service awards as a start – any tips?

Yes. Don’t!! Long service recognition or tenure awards are a complete waste of money. I advise everyone who has them to stop them and if you don’t have them then for heavens sake don’t start. People won’t stay in a role unthanked and unrecognised for 5 or 10 years just waiting for a carriage clock […]

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I’ve got 40 employees and I’m not sure how they feel about work, should I run a survey?

40 people is a lovely size to be – I can remember that time in my last business very fondly. To be honest I think at that size there are better things than surveys. Communication should be quite fluid at that size and you can just about get everyone in a room and have a […]

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