Future of Work

Your productivity will drop in the next 5 minutes. It’s time to take this drug.

IBM’s imagines a world where your mood is tracked biometrical and an AI engine predicts when your performance is going to drop, When it does, a drone can deliver stimulants to boost your performance.
What world are we building where people are even further enslaved by advances in technology?

Future of Work

Will AI assisted recruitment be a diversity disaster?

Last week, Reuters revealed that Amazon had abandoned an AI based, automated recruitment system because it was sexist.

After pouring millions of dollars over three years into its development, the company finally conceded that they could not prevent it from reinforcing gender bias.

Future of Work

The robots aren’t ​​coming for our jobs, they are here now. Hiding in plain sight.

When we think of robots coming, too often we think of science-fiction. We imagine the futuristic FedEx robot walking down the street on two metal legs in Will Smith’s “I, Robot” movie. It looks like it is decades in the future, and maybe it is, so it’s nothing for us to think about, let alone […]

Future of Work

Amazon is worth $1 trillion. But can we shop there with a clear conscience? Part One.

I placed my first Amazon order in 1999, and I can still remember it. I was on the sofa in my lounge in East London. It was a Friday evening. The beeps and tones of my 56k modem fell silent as the connection completed and the Amazon site opened. An hour later, I had spent […]


Do we really need to work less? Or do we want better jobs with more flexibility?

Most people hate their jobs. It’s true. In fact, at any one time, about half of us are looking for a new one – even more at this time of the year. Something about returning to a job you don’t love after the festive break is a real catalyst for change.

Company Culture

Should we send employees home to improve employee engagement?

When people tell me can’t take their vacation, I don’t hear “hard-working hero,” I hear “tired, run-down, probably making bad decisions every day.”

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