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Will anything other than public transparency fix pay’s dirty little secret?

When I was a CEO, the annual pay review would cause my heart to sink. In fact, I was often heard muttering that, as annual projects went, it won hands down in being the greatest amount of work to make the fewest people happy. What is going on with pay? Is it time we blew the lid on things and discussed pay’s dirty little secret?


From programs to people: How engineers can make the jump to founder

Moving from engineer to founder to leader isn’t easy and I tried to cover some of the pitfalls and my tips for survival in this new piece I wrote for UK Tech News. Basically what software engineers need to know to make the leap to leading a (hopefully) growing company. Some of the things I wish I’d known when I started.


Wiley, forgive me. (The story of an unconventional book publishing deal)

Like a most rebels I tend to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. So my unauthodox way to get a book deal kind of fits.


Leading in an era of constant change.

How to go all-in with 5 steps to make organisational change energizing!


Why do we tolerate invisible and unaccountable leadership?

Leaders just need to be naked and visible. That’s all. Is it really so hard?

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