We need more women in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Today, February 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science so I’m wearing my Mars Needs Women Sweatshirt to raise awareness of the lack of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education and careers. There are a number of issues causing an under-representation of women in tech and it means […]


Hiring the “best person for the job” is an ​elusive fantasy.

Whenever I talk about diversity and inclusion it doesn’t take long for the conversation to get to the statement “But we only want the best person for the job don’t we?”.

It’s not a wholly unreasonable thing to say but it is flawed on two levels.


Our growing obsession with college degrees is lazy, ineffective and racist.

I need to confess something. Something I’m not particularly proud of. When someone announces that they have an MBA, I have to consciously remind myself not to discriminate against them. It’s bad isn’t it – I’m quite ashamed of myself as I write this. And it’s wrong – some of my best and smartest friends […]


The one number I never allowed our board to report to investors.

I spent eight of my last nine years as a private equity backed CEO. Monthly reporting to our shareholder was routine, and PE investors are naturally data-hungry, left-brain-dominant Excel jockeys. They love figures, and if you’re not careful, will suck every number they can out of the business in a desperate attempt to understand it, […]


Big AT&T versus their own pensioners. An ugly and uneven looking fight.

Pensions aren’t something you’ll find me writing about often but this story in today’s Wall Street Journal caught my eye. AT&T, the world’s largest phone company, has found it has overpaid a small number of its pensioners. And now it wants the money back. The problem for many of them is that they’ve spent it. […]


Barnes & Noble just fired their CEO in the most disengaging and disrespectful way possible.

A couple of weeks ago, Barnes & Noble fired their CEO and refused to tell anyone why, citing vague “policy violations”. This article looks at the destructive impact this type of information withholding (lying) has on a workforce.


We know what employee disengagement costs. But do you know how it feels?

We can put a price on employee disengagement, a real cost of lost productivity. But have you ever stopped to think about how it feels?

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