Here are a few of the podcasts that I’ve been interviewed on over the years, most were following the launch of Build it which was Feb 2018.

I haven’t listened to any of these in a long time (some of them never) but the one I remember enjoying the most is Kelly Hatfield’s Absolute Advantage. So if you only have time for one maybe try that one.

If you want more slightly unconventional views on people, culture and HR then check out the pilot episodes of Work:Matters from late 2018. Work:Matters was an idea that Debra Corey and I were exploring – a five minute video podcast, three times a week. Each episode putting one of us on the spot with a people or culture related issue. We filmed a bunch of pilot episodes over three days then abandoned the idea as we didn’t think they would get enough traction. They remained hidden, unpublished until 2020 when we released some on Linked In.

If you’d like a longer conference keynote style presentation of me talking about employee engagement and how to treat people at work then type “glenn elliott reward gateway” into YouTube and you’ll find a good few. The most complete one might be my present for London South Bank University’s Alumni Lecture from 2017.

There are also dozens of videos where I interview some great HR leaders about their thoughts on people and culture over on the Rebel Playbook website.

Fast Leader Podcast

Listen or read the transcript here,

Futureproof with Kelly Swingler

Another one of my favourite interviews this one was with Kelly Swingler from Chrysalis Consulting. In this 42 minute interview we talked employee engagement, the future of work, and the importance of unicorns.

Listen on Soundcloud

The Mavericks Unlimited Podcast

Recorded in October 2018, we talked about :

  • The impact of office design on culture and engagementEmployee engagement is about creating en environment when people can do their best work and want to do their best workThe three factors for determining whether a person is going to be engaged at their job
  • Employee engagement isn’t a fluffy issue on the side, it is the single most important business improvement tool
  • Numbers are just a mathematical model of the output of people…so how engaged your people are is critical
  • Most companies still treat their employees in the same way that we did during the Industrial Revolution (200 years ago!)
  • If you can’t trust the people that work for you, don’t employ them…employ people you can trust and build a great team

You can listen to this podcast on Sticher or the Mavericks Unlimited website

Onward Nation Podcast

I was interview 799 and host Steve later titled this episode “Why the permanent job is a myth”. Key things we discussed :

What you’ll learn about in this episode: 

  • How good founders know instinctively what the market needs to be successful
  • Why you always need to keep your team under constant review
  • How you shouldn’t hire people for what they’ve done in the past but rather what they’ll do in the future
  • Some of the ways that companies are disengaging employees
  • How the path to better engagement is different for every organization
  • The importance of helping people develop their skills
  • How honesty and transparency can help you be successful at managing employee engagement
  • Why it’s important to focus on how you make people feel
  • Why you need to always be thinking about your customer

Listen here on radiopublic.

The Entrepreneur Way

“Doing what would make your grandmother proud is a really good way of doing business”. That’s the opening line they chose from my interview with Neil Ball on The Entrepreneur Way podcast. That was something I learned from John Winning, the CEO of the white goods business AO.

Read more about the podcast and give it a list on the shows’s website.

Absolute Advantage

June 6th, 2018. This was one of my favourite interviews, host Kelly Hatfield was a great interviewer. We talked about how important it is to reject and rebel against common businesses practices. That’s because it is those practices that create average businesses and the average business has three quarters of their staff disengaged!

We started this interview back in my childhood and we discussed my early work experience in a big blue chip corporate. That’s where I really got the seeds of understanding what would later become my career.

You can listen to the 45 minute interview here on Kelly’s website.