“Reward Gateway has nearly 2,000 clients in 23 countries? But how many employees does that represent? I couldn’t find the answer in your book.”

So to check the answer to this I messaged Rob Boland, Reward Gateway’s Director of Product and Service and he told me it is 3.8 million users. For the mathematically agile readers, you’ll see that 3.8 million / 2000 clients gives an average of 19,000 users per client but that’s not really correct as client […]

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Did someone help you create such an engaged workforce at Reward Gateway and who was it?

Yes there is someone who was there right at the start who was really pivotal – she was Helen Craik, one of the company’s founders. Helen had been an HR person all of her life – mostly doing interim HR work so she had seen an awful lot of companies. I worked with her for […]

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