Congrats for completing your recent book “The Rebel Playbook” I am a current HR professional what would be my biggest motivation to read it?

Wanting to improve company performance and get the best out of your people – that would be the biggest motivation for reading the book. That should be the whole reason behind doing anything in employee engagement – to improve your organizations bottom line. It’s the only measure that counts.

Reading the book you’ll find me explaining the Engagement Bridge, that’s the 10 part model for examining the relationship between the organisation and your people. And you’ll get 60 exclusive, actionable case studies, called “plays” giving you ideas that you can directly action in your business.

There is a lot more information on the book over on and you can even download the first two chapters there for free.

The Engagement Bridge

The Engagement Bridge

Glenn's first book, the international HR bestseller, Build it : A Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement is available in hardback, on Kindle, iBooks and now an Audible Audiobook.

Find it online or order from your favourite local bookstore.

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