Did someone help you create such an engaged workforce at Reward Gateway and who was it?

Yes there is someone who was there right at the start who was really pivotal – she was Helen Craik, one of the company’s founders.

Helen had been an HR person all of her life – mostly doing interim HR work so she had seen an awful lot of companies. I worked with her for 4 years between 1006 and 2010 and she taught me a lot about HR. The core of our culture – treating people well and fairly in a high performance culture, sharing information openly and treating staff as valuable stakeholders who would make the difference to our growth – that was all helen. She invented the employee share plan and our quarterly all-staff business updates which ran for nearly 8 years.

She taught me about communicating early and honestly – one of her quotes was “Tell your people as much as you can as early as you can – they can handle the truth.”

There’s a quote from her in the Rebel Playbook – she was a pretty amazing person and I owe her a lot.

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