Why did you stand down as CEO of your company?

As CEO you’re ultimately responsible for your organisation’s growth and you do that by leading your team, by leading the whole company. Leading 400 people in a fast growing organization is a big job and it takes up all of your time and energy. You go to bed thinking about your team and the company and you wake up thinking about your team and the company. It’s all consuming, or it was for me anyway, and everything else in your life comes second.

After 11.5 years which I had loved, I decided that I’d done enough (I owe the ability to think that to Brené Brown – read “Daring Greatly!!). It was time for someone else to give everything they had to lead Reward Gateway and it was time for me make space for other things in my life.

I’m very fortunate that the company still employee me full time to be “Founder” in our small “Founder’s office” where we are responsible for promoting the company’s mission, the book Build it and generally being nice to people. It’s a wonderful job where we spend our time helping people who are interested in employee engagement and I also support the new CEO Doug Butler and his team wherever I can.

Glenn's first book, the international HR bestseller, Build it : A Rebel Playbook for Employee Engagement is available in hardback, on Kindle, iBooks and now an Audible Audiobook.

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