The Rebel Playbook is packed with secrets

The world's best companies outperform their peers by 2x by treating their people differently. I've spent 10 years working with them and the last two documenting everything in this book. It's packed full of insight, inspiration and practical tools to help leaders, CEOs and HR people of all levels.


Through 10 chapters of the book, I explain the 10 elements which make up The Engagement Bridge – that's the model I developed to help others understand the things which matter in an organisation's relationship with its people.

The Bridge is not a prescriptive plan or a one-size-fits-all recipe, it's a lens to look through at how you treat your people. However big or small you are, whatever sector you are in and no matter if you are a start-up or a corporate, you can use The Engagement Bridge to make your own plan to take employee engagement to a new level.

Company culture and, to a large extent, performance, is simply the output of the actions you choose in The Bridge.

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We wanted Build it to be both inspirational and practical so we researched hundreds of companies during the book's development.

Co-author Debra Corey led on over a hundred rebel interviews, getting exclusive, first-hand accounts of what companies like LinkedIn, McDonald's, Southwest Airlines, Atlassian, and Estée Lauder were doing.

We made dozens of video interviews as we went, including this one pictured with Michael Kim, Head of HR APAC for Spotify, so we could really bring these rebel stories to life on the book's website.


Advance Praise for Build it

"Build it is your all-things guide to employee engagement. You'll learn what engagement means, why it is essential and how to instill it in your workforce. Packed with terrific case studies, Build it will help you transform work."
Daniel H. Pink - New York Times Bestselling Author of Drive and When

"Every company in the world is trying to disrupt before it is disrupted. Everyone knows why but most companies struggle with how. Here is a book bursting with great examples, concrete actions, real success. It'll give you ideas, debates, great arguments and most of all, hope."
Margaret Heffernan, CEO and Bestselling Author of Willful Blindness

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