Tenzing Private Equity

Since March 2020 I’ve been working full time at Tenzing Private Equity where I am Entrepreneur in Residence. I run our growth team which is there to support our CEO’s and help our portfolio companies grow. I’ve known the Tenzing team for over five years as I have been Chair of the Entrepreneurs Panel since Tenzing was founded.

I write extensively for Tenzing on private equity, leadership, company culture and growth and you can find all my work here on the Tenzing website.

RG Foundation

I’m a trustee at the RG Foundation, a grant giving body that was created by a $5m donation from Reward Gateway. The charity exists to support people and organisations who are making the world a better, fairer, safer and more equal place to work.

Investor / Advisor

I’m an investor and occasional advisor to a number of startup businesses including Truly Experiences, Zeel Networks, Checkoutsmart and CommuterClub.

You can find me on Crunchbase and also on AngelList.

I’m also an Ambassador for Stonewall and a Friend of the Terrence Higgins Trust, the HIV and sexual health charity.


Reward Gateway

I founded Reward Gateway, the HR technology business, in 2010 and was CEO there for 12 years.

During my time at RG we grew the business to £20million of recurring revenue and EBITDA of £10m. When I left we had over 2000 clients, served by 400 staff based in 7 offices in UK, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Australia and USA.

I managed two private equity sales – a £25m sale to UK based investor Inflexion Private Equity in 2010 and a £140m sale to Boston based investors, Great Hill Partners in 2015. I also bought six companies during that time – including a Bulgarian software house and several competitors in the UK and Australia.

I remain a Reward Gateway shareholder, cheering on from the outside, whilst Doug Butler is CEO.

FMP Payroll

I was an board advisor at FMP between 2016 and 2019 and co-invested in the business alongside Tenzing Private Equity. During that time the business grew profits on average 28% every year. We sold the business in 2019 to IRIS Software Group, backed by Hg, generating a 5.4x return and 72% IRR.

Trees for Cities

I was a Trustee at the London based charity Trees for Cities from 2013 to 2016. The charity celebrated it’s 21st anniversary whilst was trustee and during that time achived the milestone of planting it’s millionth tree.

I was the first new trustee to be appointed since the charity was formed and, working with the chairman, I helped implement new articles of association, new trustee rules and policies, recruited a whole new trustee board and recruited a new Chief Executive.